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Wendy Toth is a Pennsylvania-based writer, editor, and content marketing strategist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Weight Watchers, Spa, Parents, iVillage, NBCAnimal Planet, New York Press, Newsday and more.


She's currently Director of Content for Pet360 and petMD, PetSmart's popular online destinations for pet parents. 

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What You'd Find Out Over Coffee

I love using writing as an excuse to ask a lot of questions, find out the exact best way to do something, then translate that ideal into advice a normal person can work with... and find online.


I got my start over ten years ago writing for industry-specific trade magazines like Supermarket News, where I learned that milk and bread are kept in the back of the store so you have to walk past everything else to get to the essentials.


I don't know why this shocked me.


Since then I've been exploring topics I'm drawn to like fitness, beauty, and pets, hoping to make life easier, funnier, and more inspiring for those of us who are worried we might be spending a little too much time wandering the cereal aisle.

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