Do work that fulfills you. When people ask about your job, say, "I love it."

You landed here because you worked hard and built a career you can be proud of. You paid your dues:

  • You worked way more than 40 hour weeks.
  • You had bosses you hated.
  • You missed your fair share of friend and family gatherings. 

Things seem great career-wise.


Only now, you feel stuck. Whether its your boss, your company, your crazy schedule, or the work you do, something isn't right anymore. People in your life say "You should be happy!" But you're not.


Don't worry! I've been there, and I can tell you, you don't have to give it all up to get to a place where you're:

  • Doing work you love.
  • Working a schedule that allows you to have a full life.
  • Not worrying about money.

Best of all, getting there is fun, and can be done way faster than you think. 

If you're ready to get unstuck, let's chat. 



If you are feeling stuck, my most popular service is a 6-week intensive coaching program called Land a Job You Love. It's designed to take anyone who is in a career rut from having no idea where to go, to having a handful of very warm leads on your next dream job and being fully prepared to nail the interviews. 



If you know what's next but can never seem to find enough time or energy to make it happen, an accountability program may be just what you need. In a series of short sessions I'll support your goal planning, time management and motivation. 



I offer targeted single sessions to guide you in specific areas such as: offer letter review, negotiation prep, interview prep, analyzing multiple offers, and dealing with tough personalities. 


To find out which area is right for you, schedule a complimentary session with me



Wendy's background and services spoke so specifically to the kind of change I was looking to make that I decided to set up a free consultation. By the time that call was over, I remember actually feeling scared, that this just might work. Wendy's coaching program was one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made.


Wendy tailored her structured curriculum to the career goals I wanted: work based in writing and storytelling, with more flexibility in my schedule. Eight months later, I've published (and been paid!) for several freelance pieces and was hired in a full-time senior writing/editing role that allows me to work from home (or elsewhere) for part of the week!


She asks you to be honest about any barriers or roadblocks, helps you to come up with a concrete strategy for getting over, past, or through them, and holds you accountable for doing just that - all while remaining so positive and encouraging that it actually becomes a little fun. And all of a sudden, you realize you've accomplished something really big-and it didn't even seem so hard! That's Wendy's superpower, but she'll give you all the credit.


-Dana Mortensen, Senior Writer and Editor

"I'd had mentors and done some career development work before and never felt that it moved me closer to feeling empowered and confident to take the next big step. I was worried that Wendy would represent more of the same. Within five minutes of talking to her, I knew she was different. She has amazing insight and a knack for pointing out the footholds to get you out of a career rut.


Her weekly assignments are sneakily effective. You almost don't realize the heavy work you are doing because she breaks it down into manageable pieces. I didn't dread the prospect of updating my resume or working on my elevator speech at all. Wendy swears I did the hard work, but I couldn't have done it without her!


You know that super smart, accomplished friend you have who always seems to know what to do in a workplace situation and hypes you up when you're feeling stuck - that's Wendy! I would recommend her because everyone deserves to feel empowered to find and claim the career that brings them joy. I feel like the universe had taken me by the shoulders and whispered in my ear, "It's time," and then sent me to her to get started."


-Jennifer S., Director, Communications and Public Engagement for a national non-profit


"Wendy is very friendly and professional. Doing the assignments and connecting with Wendy were always the highlights of my week. Wendy's background as a writer really makes her great at giving honest, concise and constructive feedback, which I always appreciate. I love how her coursework is organized, it is easy to follow and is really geared towards encouraging you to self analyze and figure out what is and what is not working in your career path.


I would definitely recommend Wendy's services to anyone who feels that their career is heading in the wrong direction and wants to try something new.


One of my favorite aspects of Wendy's style was her firmness on almost mandating for me to establish hard goals for myself, non just week-to-week but also long term. For me, it was very helpful to go through the course to understand what I need to do to steer myself towards accomplishing those goals and really highlighting my strengths and interests. Best of all, I landed a job I love while we were working together!"


-Lana Vitsup, Product Strategist and Technology Analyst


"I was in a rut where I was making a nice salary but I didn't feel fulfilled by the work I was doing. Wendy helped me to refocus on what was important and ultimately led me to new opportunities that seemed almost impossible just months ago.


I kept second guessing myself. I knew something needed to change, but I wasn't sure how to make moves. Wendy is someone who really guides you along in your search—not just for career success, but ultimately for happiness. 


If I had to pick a few words to describe Wendy they would be positive, pragmatic, and incredibly smart. I love how conversational and approachable she is, right from the start. Wendy is someone that you immediately feel comfortable with. She asks the right questions, and I really feel like the whole program was tailored and customized for me and what I was going through. She really listened and then offered tactical exercises and real-world solutions to help me move forward." 


-Deidre Greives, Digital Media and PR Director for 15 Minutes Inc., Founder of

Not only has Wendy helped me get "unstuck" countless times, she has been a guiding force along my career path nearly every step of the way (and I'm not alone in this!). She brings her undivided attention and can-do attitude to every situation.


Wendy has an uncanny ability to see every side of a problem and talk through the possible outcomes with compassion and honesty. Personally, she has helped me land jobs, realize business opportunities and brainstorm how to handle potentially difficult conversations time and time again.


I also know from experience that in her professional life, Wendy treats all of her employees and coworkers with kindness and respect, especially in moments that are difficult or tense.


Jessica Remitz is a writer, editor and content strategist who lives in Chicago.

"Wendy taught me how to slow down in a fast-paced publishing world and give my work the time and focus it deserves. I've become a better writer since knowing her, no question. 


When you see what Wendy has accomplished in her career, all while staying a grounded and generous person, it inspires you to be the same way.


She not only gives mental and emotional support (a pretty rare thing in this industry), but she genuinely roots for you and pushes for you to be your best self."


- Aly Semigran is a Philadelphia-based writer who covers topics ranging from women's health to entertainment to pet care. She has contributed to Refinery 29, Bustle, petMD, Billboard, InStyle, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, and Entertainment Weekly, among others.



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